I was never athletic growing up.

I was in the bleachers holding signs for my athlete friends.

My mom always told me I was the uncoordinated one of all the siblings. I dreaded gym class and I hated all sports. I was that annoying skinny girl that ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and it did not affect me physically on the outside.

I went to college and my metabolism started slowing down. I also started heavily drinking. My roommate asked me to tag along with her to the free university gym. I begrudgingly went but half assed it. I only ran laps on the track and did ab crunches on mats.

I avoided weights since I was very intimidated by them.

My accountability of showing up was very sporadic since I hated being at the gym and didn’t feel accomplished after my workouts.

I got out in the real world and my drinking and eating got out of control. I gained a considerable bit of weight for my frame and I felt like crap all the time. My friends asked me to join them in a biggest loser challenge and I accepted because I knew I needed to kickstart my health. I ate cleaner and reduced my drinking habits.

I tried to take control of my fitness level by joining Planet Fitness. I went every day but I still had no idea what I was doing.

I avoided weights still and stuck to just the treadmill and bikes. I lost the weight I had gained but I had no muscle mass and I was so unbelievably bored with fitness.  How could people stick to anything without losing their minds from boredom?

Then Cheryl, my sister, saw a groupon for Friction CrossFit that completely changed our lives and mindset about fitness. At first I thought, what the hell, we will try it for a week and if I hate it I can at least say I tried it. After our Groupon was up, I was handing over my credit card to Bobby for a year’s membership. Almost 3 years later, I’m still here!

I’m consistently working out at a place I feel completely myself at. Class is never boring and is always an achievable challenge no matter your fitness level. I am able to see personal progress with my body and skill level which makes working out addicting. Not to mention it helps keep myself accountable when I don’t show up. I can’t go more than a few days without hitting up the box or else I feel lost and incredibly unhappy.

I’m finally starting to feel like an athlete.

Beyond the fitness aspect, the coaches are so patient and knowledgeable and really are the main reason I signed up for Friction in the first place. They pay attention, are extremely passionate, and aren’t demeaning or pushy whatsoever. This community is indescribable. FricNation is a life changer. I plan to be doing CrossFit for my whole life, at all stages and ages.

Author: Athlete, Kelly Perhai

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