I’ve been training at Friction for 2 years now! It’s been such a great place, and is one of my favorite places to be. The athletes, coaches and atmosphere are all amazing. I am so glad to be a part of the community!
A little about how I got to Friction….I’ve always been very goal oriented and competitive. Growing up I competed in gymnastics,  cross country and track. I was a sprinter and long-distance runner.  Race training and race day were always very stressful to me. So after high school I gave up all races and just ran for pure enjoyment. However, after a few years of running solo. I decided to train for a marathon. Marathon training for me was very unsuccessful. I always over trained and got injured before the race.   I’ve ran the marathon distance several times on my own. After 3 failed attempts at a marathon I called it quits on any running races. I was just too competitive with myself, and that took the joy out of running.
So I continued running, just on my own.

During college I also trained at a local bodybuilding gym. I trained for about three years with no intention of doing bodybuilding, but just did that as a stress relief and for the social aspect. That is where I met Matt, my husband!

Fast forward a few years, I moved further from that gym, and my job was very demanding and didn’t allow any time for me to go to the gym. So I decided to workout from home. I did Beachbody workouts like P90X and Insanity. I fell in love with those workouts. I got great results and got to continue working out with Matt. After about a year of doing P90X I got invited by Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, to join him on QVC as a P90X Athlete/model. I was also featured in their infomercial, and I promoted P90X as well as a Beachbody coach. There were so many great memories from that experience. However, I missed the gym atmosphere and my social outlet.

I then joined a new gym, and also continued to workout out at home. This new gym had Boot Camp classes and also focused on competitive bodybuilding (mostly women). After a year there I got convinced to do a bikini competition. I thought I would take a stab at a different type of competition. I did 2 competitions, and did “ok”. However, I loved the training aspect but not the fact that the competition was solely on aesthetics and not on performance and strength. This was around the time that CrossFit was just starting to come around (2010).
  This was something that really interests me. So I talked to my personal trainer at the time and he wrote up CrossFit ‘style’ workouts for me. I started doing one on one training with my trainer and a group of other girls at the gym.

After a year of training there, I decided I wanted to actually join a CrossFit box. I needed more of a challenge.



 In 2011 I joined CrossFit! I joined on a Friday, and I was super excited to start class on Monday. That Monday morning I found out I was pregnant! So I had to cancel my membership that I just started, because I didn’t want to start something ‘new’ while pregnant. CrossFit had to wait.

So for my 9 months of pregnancy I worked out at home and did P90X, Insanity and stayed with my personal trainer twice a week. I worked out 5 days a week up until I was 36 weeks pregnant. Rest days for me are very difficult. And after I gave birth I had to wait six weeks until I could work out again. That was hard! But after that I jumped right back in and that is when I decided to finally join CrossFit. And then there was another hurdle! I contacted my friend Lisa who owned the CrossFit gym I was going to join, and was really excited about it. She told me that the gym burned down a week ago. I was so sad for them, and that I had to put CrossFit on hold again.

One day… I was driving by Friction and saw the CrossFit flag out front, I went in and met the coaches and the facility. It was great! That is when I became a member, it was 2 years ago!
This was my new fitness home. I’ve excelled greater that I had ever expected too! That is when I decided to try competing.  I was hoping that competing wouldn’t take the “fun” out of the sport…..and guess what?…It DIDN’T! It made my passion for the sport even greater. I am completely obsessed with CrossFit and competing!  I enjoy competing because it’s team oriented, and therefore have others to support you and have the same goals.
I love my coaches and the programming.  I enjoy every second of training, and setting new goals and crushing PR’s. I’m super excited to see what my 3rd year at Friction will hold and how many great new goals I will reach, and how many great new faces and friends I will meet.
Author: Athlete, Katie VanderPloeg
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