As some of you know, I recently moved houses, twice. In that two-week period, I realized most of the physical aspect of moving and lifting boxes was very familiar. For instance, picking up a cubical box is just like lifting a sandbag. Furthermore, lifting that box up to my shoulder to carry it up the stairs or into another room is like a shoulder loaded sand bag carry. Even the act of just lifting the box, that’s a deadlift. I did so all without injury. I can’t even count how many times in college I’ve seen moving crews for students who are lifting boxes, bags, and even couches with horrendous technique, and they probably didn’t feel too great the next day.

    What CrossFit does, for 99% of the population, is allow us to keep moving, in the correct way, day after day. Isn’t that what makes life enjoyable, being able to move? This is why CrossFit is my passion; I can see how and why it benefits me in the real world. This is just a small example, but it has served its purpose for me and has renewed my energy to coach and train all of you to best of my ability. Through CrossFit, athletes such as yourselves, can learn to move properly when it counts the most, in real life. I’m not saying that training for a competition is bad, if that’s your goal, great. I am saying that for 99% of us CrossFitters, we’re training and competing in and for life. We’re exercising to move better, to sleep better, to eat better, and to prevent injury. We owe it to ourselves to take care of our body, this is our only one, and when the time comes for me, and you, to move correctly, we’ll be sure to be ready for it.

-Coach Mike