Tight upper back?  Pain in your lower back?  Unfortunately sitting and standing all day leaves a lot to be desired with our posture.

Rather than suffer in silence, try these 2 simple exercises.

All You need is a Band to get started

Standing back extension x 20 Reps

Good Morning x 20 Reps

Do this 1 time / day and you will be good as new!

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-Coach Jeff

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6-Week Nutrition Specialty Course

6-Week Nutrition Specialty Course

“We are also very excited to announce the Nutrition Specialty 6 Week Course! This Course will be Education based utilizing all of the previous listed services and more to teach you skills you will utilize for the rest of your life!” – Coach Bobby

Want To Feel Better?  MOVE!

Want To Feel Better? MOVE!

“The new office animal is typically stuck in one of two positions all day, sitting or standing. Unfortunately for our joints, this means little to no movement. A lack of movement leads to less synovial fluid and “drier” joints.” -Coach Jeff