Are you really close to getting your first strict pullup? Well here is your opportunity to finally get one. The video attached shows two scales that have not only helped me, but members all throughout the gym improve their pullup strength or actually get their first one!

The first part of the video shows a “negative” pullup. This is only the down portion of the full pullup. This type of action in the movement will give you more muscle growth and improved strength in the muscles used during the pullup.

The second part of the video shows a leg assisted pullup. The athlete using this scale should start standing on the box with their chin above the bar and as they descend, they should execute a slow negative until they reach full extension of the arms, or a dead hang. From there, the athlete should then initiate their pull with their shoulders and then their arms until they reach their chin above the bar. All in all, one whole rep should take about 6-8 seconds.

Let’s face it, a strict pullup pretty badass. When you practice these two scales, a strict pullup will follow. Talk to a coach about personal training and doing a 30-minute skill session to get your first!

Get Your First Strict Pullup!

You Know You Want To
6-Week Nutrition Specialty Course

6-Week Nutrition Specialty Course

“We are also very excited to announce the Nutrition Specialty 6 Week Course! This Course will be Education based utilizing all of the previous listed services and more to teach you skills you will utilize for the rest of your life!” – Coach Bobby

Want To Feel Better?  MOVE!

Want To Feel Better? MOVE!

“The new office animal is typically stuck in one of two positions all day, sitting or standing. Unfortunately for our joints, this means little to no movement. A lack of movement leads to less synovial fluid and “drier” joints.” -Coach Jeff