Summer heat can be Brutal on the body, especially during a High Intensity workout.  This is why we Hydrate.

Unless you like feeling nauseas, passing out or having a heat stroke, we reccomend water.  Make sure that you are drinking it throughout the day!

Try these tips to make sure you get an adequate amount of water in your system:

  1. Carry a water bottle with you at all times
  2. Make sure said water bottle holds at least 24 oz
  3. Set an alarm on your phone to go off 1 time per hour
  4. Drink when you feel thirsty
  5. Keep your water cold with ice, so that it is refreshing and you enjoy drinking it

That’s it!  Stay on top of hydration and feel better in your next WOD.

For more info, meet with a coach to talk about Nutrition HERE

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Meet with a Coach
6-Week Nutrition Specialty Course

6-Week Nutrition Specialty Course

“We are also very excited to announce the Nutrition Specialty 6 Week Course! This Course will be Education based utilizing all of the previous listed services and more to teach you skills you will utilize for the rest of your life!” – Coach Bobby

Want To Feel Better?  MOVE!

Want To Feel Better? MOVE!

“The new office animal is typically stuck in one of two positions all day, sitting or standing. Unfortunately for our joints, this means little to no movement. A lack of movement leads to less synovial fluid and “drier” joints.” -Coach Jeff


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