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It seems like every great athlete has great nutrition and takes supplements. But, why do they take supplements in the first place? Can’t we have great nutrition from just eating food?

Ideally, yes. After all, athletes take supplements to help with their overall nutrition. Nonprofessional athletes, such as yourselves, who live a busy lifestyle and can’t find the time to eat, can benefit from supplements too!

Supplements allow us to get nutrients from a source other than food. A meal replacement shake is a good example of a supplement. This shake will help us get the necessary amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

As a result of missing meals, that’s where Driven Nutrition comes in, to help athletes like us who are in need.

But, how do I know if I even like Driven Nutrition products? Driven Nutrition supplements are here for #FricNation to taste test this Friday, June 16th! All day long on Friday you can come in and sample a product. You can even sample all of the products if you want!

However, quantities will be limited to 1/2 serving of each product; that way, everyone can give it a try. We will have whey protein supplements, BCAA’s, pre-workouts, and more for you you to taste test.

How will I know what supplements to take?

That’s where we come in, talk to a coach about nutrition counseling in order to know what supplements to taken as well as when to take them!

Take it from us. Coach Jeff talks about how he likes Driven Nutrition in the link below and why we’re bringing it in to Friction CrossFit to help with your healthy lifestyle!

Driven Nutrition is the supplement for you, be sure to come in on Friday and taste test their products!

Check Out Driven Nutrition Here

6-Week Nutrition Specialty Course

6-Week Nutrition Specialty Course

“We are also very excited to announce the Nutrition Specialty 6 Week Course! This Course will be Education based utilizing all of the previous listed services and more to teach you skills you will utilize for the rest of your life!” – Coach Bobby

Want To Feel Better?  MOVE!

Want To Feel Better? MOVE!

“The new office animal is typically stuck in one of two positions all day, sitting or standing. Unfortunately for our joints, this means little to no movement. A lack of movement leads to less synovial fluid and “drier” joints.” -Coach Jeff


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