Friction is Taking it to the Woods!

Provin Trails

Friction CrossFit is spending class on Saturday, July 15th at Provin Trails!





Provin Trails

2900 4 Mile Road NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Following the Hike and WOD join your FricFam for lunch at Robinettes, located next to Provin Trails.

Lunch can be purchased or feel free to join us picnic style and bring lunch with you.

Have questions or concerns? Contact Coach Leara Glinzak via email:

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“You Cannot Do This”

“You Cannot Do This”

“….thinking what I have gotten myself into. I didn’t know how to do anything athletic. My eating and drinking habits were out of control. I got winded walking up the stairs at my apartment. I had been depressed for months – sometimes to the point of missing work because the reality of my day was too much to handle. All around, I felt and looked awful.”-Athlete, Katie Kregg