What is the most consistent aspect of your week?

Consistency, one thing I never miss is breakfast.

It may seem simple, but for me it’s the difference maker.

However, it’s not always easy. Days where I’m running out the door, skipping it or that I make a poor food choice early sets the tone for the next few hours of my day.

It cascades from there and disrupts my energy, focus and especially mood. For me that effects my work performance and therefore everyone around me and it’s not something I take to chance.

A good breakfast that works for me is a low carb high, fat meal to help keep my blood sugar low as I start the day with a focus on hydration. My meal looks like: two glasses of water, eggs, turkey bacon and the option of a fruit or veggie. The fruit or veggie is usually raw carrots or kale fried with the leftovers of the turkey bacon. Or, for a fruit, a peach, apple or banana.

If you need more energy to start the day, try to match this meal and see how you feel! If you have more questions or want to know more, see one of us coaches to schedule a No Snack Intro!

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“You Cannot Do This”

“You Cannot Do This”

“….thinking what I have gotten myself into. I didn’t know how to do anything athletic. My eating and drinking habits were out of control. I got winded walking up the stairs at my apartment. I had been depressed for months – sometimes to the point of missing work because the reality of my day was too much to handle. All around, I felt and looked awful.”-Athlete, Katie Kregg


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