The one thing I cannot go without during the week is my mobility.

This is also the hardest thing to keep up on. My food intake is good and my sleep is getting there, so I feel I have a good grasp on those two.

But, with the amount of working out we do, tight spots can catch up to me very easily and very quickly. A joint or muscle may not hurt until that day, and then I’m out for a week or so on that muscle group.

Funny enough, a small setback usually occurs in the summer time, when I think I’m invincible and don’t need to warm up as thoroughly.

Recently, it’s been my shoulder, which has led to a loss of strength and mobility in my upper body. I’ve been working with Coach Bobby on rehabbing, mobilizing, and regaining strength. And its working, thankfully! I have rethought my warm-up process and found a warm-up that works for me, for now.

The big part is the “for now”. My warm-ups will change throughout the year depending on what I have to work on. But, take this with a grain of salt. I’m not putting in muscle ups and heavy power snatches in my warm-up. I’m working motor patterns that mimic these complex movements and put my joints through a good and thorough range of motion.

As coaches, we see this issue often, especially in ourselves. So, we do our best to make sure the warm-ups are thorough for you athletes. So you don’t get hurt.

P.s. If you have any muscular or joint issues that need more mobility, don’t hesitate to talk to a coach about a 30-minute skill session!

P.p.s. Happy Birthday America!

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Your Mobility Wants You To!
“You Cannot Do This”

“You Cannot Do This”

“….thinking what I have gotten myself into. I didn’t know how to do anything athletic. My eating and drinking habits were out of control. I got winded walking up the stairs at my apartment. I had been depressed for months – sometimes to the point of missing work because the reality of my day was too much to handle. All around, I felt and looked awful.”-Athlete, Katie Kregg


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