Friction CrossFit Bingo is here!

Want to win cool things that can help you perform better and be a good person? Enter Friction CrossFit Bingo. Pictured above is your bingo sheet, the prizes will vary depending on how many bingos you can accrue.

Now, we will have prizes for 1 bingo, all the way up to 5 bingos! They are as follows:

  • 1 Bingo
    • Consultation with Good Life Physical Therapy or Clear Connections Chiropractic
    • Friction CrossFit Car Decal Voucher (1st 5 people)
  • 2 Bingos
    • Driven Nutrition Punch Card for servings/samples
    • Elite Intro for a friend!
  • 3 Bingos
    • Coffee meeting with a coach
    • InBody Scan
  • 4 Bingos
    • Personal Training Skill Session
    • Rogue Fitness Gift Card
  • 5 Bingos (max)
    • Nutrition Consultation
    • Meals from Life Fuel for a Week (1st person)

Get out there and make it happen! Good luck!

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“You Cannot Do This”

“You Cannot Do This”

“….thinking what I have gotten myself into. I didn’t know how to do anything athletic. My eating and drinking habits were out of control. I got winded walking up the stairs at my apartment. I had been depressed for months – sometimes to the point of missing work because the reality of my day was too much to handle. All around, I felt and looked awful.”-Athlete, Katie Kregg


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