Fuel for My Body

Nutrition is the foundation of many things in my mind. Its the source of fuel for our bodies. Its a way of thinking, believing and living. Its sometimes the difference between feeling great and feeling cruddy.

Eat Before You WOD

“Think of it this way, if you were going to take a trip, you would not commence the drive with an empty gas tank, right? The same goes for your body.”

August Female of the Month- Bonnie

Shout out Congrats to Bonnie for being chosen as the Female Athlete of the Month! Nice work Bonnie-thank you for always being so friendly and inspiring to others! You can read Bonnie's story here: I started CrossFit with the New You challenge around April 17th of this...

Why I Gave Up Donuts and Bourbon for 6 Weeks

If you are a skeptic about diets and meal plans, join the club. When I heard about Paleo years ago, I laughed… just meat and veggies? Impossible… But I initially laughed off CrossFit as well, and then I opened a CrossFit Box LOL. So when we kicked off the 6 week New...