No More Sluggishness


I’ve spent a lot of my life being fairly active. In college I’d always be in the gym or doing something outside.

That all ended as soon as I graduated and became a workaholic.

I quickly took on characteristics of the the office life. I gained weight, ate terribly and felt tired and burnt out most of the time.

I was able to adjust my diet and drop the extra pounds, but still felt sluggish. I knew I didn’t have enough physical activity in my life. Shortly after that realization my roommate and I started looking into different options and we landed on CrossFit.

We looked at a few boxes and landed on Friction because it appeared to have the best gymnastics programming out of the others in town.

We signed up for a no sweat intro and have been with Friction for almost a year now.

After joining I started seeing results quickly. My brain fog and sluggishness are now a thing of the past and I’m more fit than ever. Joining Friction has brought a lot of positive things into my life and I’m grateful for finding it.


Author: Brandon Aube


Are You Ready for CrossFit?


Want to focus on your lifting too?

Weightlifting Wednesday: Nutrition

Weightlifting Wednesday: Nutrition

“As far as nutrition goes for weightlifting, it doesn’t have to be different than the one we would prescribe for any CrossFitter: meats, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. ” – Coach Mike