Are you looking to make a real change? We offer personal training, group classes, nutrition coaching, and more to help you reach your goals and give you results!


At Friction CrossFit we are passionate about movement.  Specifically good movement patterns that can help our members avoid injury and continue to experience success for a lifetime.

All the fancy equipment and programming in the world cannot replace great coaching. Because of this we focus on continued education for our coaches in the areas of movement, nutrition and specific skills like weightlifting, running, and more.

You can rest assured that every session you have with a Friction coach will be the most fun, effective and safe hour of your day.


At Friction CrossFit, it’s not about just getting your workout in and getting out. With our state of the art software, you get real data about your progress and your goals and measure your fitness with qualitative data.

Gone are the days of wondering if you are getting more fit. We can show you!

In addition, you can view our schedule online and even reserve a spot in a class or personal training session, which helps with adherence and accountability.


I’ve been going to Friction Crossfit for just over 2 months and it’s the most enjoyable exercise I’ve ever done. It’s all brand new to me, but the coaches are great and are extremely helpful and supportive. Everyone in the classes are helpful as well. I’m looking forward to being part of the Friction Family for years to come.

Craig S.

I have been a member at Friction CrossFit for about 6 months now and I love it. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. It’s a great environment to workout in and if you don’t have any back ground in exercise the programming makes it easy to get started. They have drop in classes to try it out. You won’t regret it.

Heather P.

I really like this place, it’s clean well organized and easy to navigate. The owners and trainers are all very intelligent and friendly. It is always a pleasure to talk to them and learn from them.

Jeff S.

I have been working out at Friction for over 3 years. Crossfit gives me such a great all-over work out and you can make your workout as intense as you would like. I was so intimidated by all of the weights and bar bells when I first started, but the coaches here are so in tune to the athletes; they can see my struggle before I have to say anything. The community here is so welcoming and helpful that I felt at home right away. I am old enough to be a mother to most of the members and they treat me as an equal. I can scale some of the more difficult movements and still obtain a great workout. Friction is my happy place!
Candace S.

I have been going to Friction for 6 months and have absolutely fallen in love! The coaches are amazing and very knowledgeable, it has a supportive group atmosphere where I have made some great friends, and the workouts are always different and don’t get boring.

Amanda S.

Joined friction with a lot of scepticism. Didn’t think I’d enjoy it, much less stick with it. Well it’s almost a year into it and it has changed my life forever. This community of people are amazing. Couldn’t ask for better coaches or fellow athletes. I love my Fricfam!

Mary Ann A.