Are you looking to make a real change? We offer personal training, group classes, nutrition coaching, and more to help you reach your goals and give you results!


At Friction CrossFit we are passionate about movement.  Specifically good movement patterns that can help our members avoid injury and continue to experience success for a lifetime.

All the fancy equipment and programming in the world cannot replace great coaching. Because of this we focus on continued education for our coaches in the areas of movement, nutrition and specific skills like weightlifting, running, and more.

You can rest assured that every session you have with a Friction coach will be the most fun, effective and safe hour of your day.


At Friction CrossFit, it’s not about just getting your workout in and getting out. With our state of the art software, you get real data about your progress and your goals and measure your fitness with qualitative data.

Gone are the days of wondering if you are getting more fit. We can show you!

In addition, you can view our schedule online and even reserve a spot in a class or personal training session, which helps with adherence and accountability.


I’ve been a member at Friction Crossfit since June of 2015. I signed up for a one week trial, by the end of my trial period I knew, I wanted to sign up as a member. Before Crossfit I was an avid runner or did group aerobics exercising.

I enjoy the community at Friction. The coaches are amazing. I have met so many people since I started this journey. I highly recommend Friction to any and everyone regardless of your fitness level. You will not be disappointed.

Takieta B.

I had never done crossfit before. After I identified this Gym was growing still after three years, had an emphasis on gymnastic stretches to keep range of motion high, it was my first try. The gym and members are very friendly to all level.
On my first few days met several people that just walked up and introduced themselves to me. In addition to that, the 1-on-1 introductory course was very helpful. Overall, I would recommend if you’re looking for a community to help push you and improve yourself.
Noah M.

I’ve known about CrossFit for 4-5 years but was too intimidated to try it out because of what I assumed the workouts and environment would be like. Back in April, though, a friend convinced me to walk through the doors of Friction for a workout and I couldn’t be happier that I decided to give it a chance!

I went through the Foundations course, jumped into regular classes, and have been working out there ever since. The coaches are all very knowledgeable and welcoming, and I love being a member of this awesome community!

Emily S.

I’ve gained so much from joining Friction CrossFit.

But what I love so much about this place is not just what I’ve gained in strength, but even more so the love and support from a community of people who have make me believe in myself and remind me daily that with hard work, determination, and good coaching, nothing is impossible. (yes, even for old folks like me, after the age of 40!)

Jennifer R.

Friction Crossfit is my happy place! The community and coaches are amazing. The atmosphere is upbeat, friendly and supportive.
I train and work hard for my goals, and everything about Friction CrossFit makes all that possible! It is a great facility with lots of cool equipment, it’s clean, and is safe.

Crossfit is for anybody: big, small, old, young, new to fitness, elite athletes…there is something for everyone! I highly recommend Friction CrossFit! It’s a life changer.

Katie V.

The place where holding yourself physically accountable meets friends and family. I enjoy going to Friction not just because I’m getting stronger and more fit, but because the community there have become some of my closest friends. It’s a place where friends become family.

Friction has pushed me mentally and physically to a state and shape I never imagined was attainable. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Stephanie L.