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Losing weight is easy. I can show you three easy steps to achieve that weight loss goal, no matter how much it is. I can even tell you how to put on weight (hopefully muscle mass)!

I can also tell you how difficult it’s going to be. Why is it so difficult? Hint, it’s between your ears.

Hold on, let’s start with those three easy steps. If there’s anything fitness coaching has shown me, it’s that it’s better to tell someone what TO DO, instead of what NOT TO DO.

First, track your food intake daily.

Second, workout four to five times per week.

Lastly, sleep seven full, restful hours EVERY night.

If you’re missing one of those three steps, close your computer browser, and get to work (or go to sleep). If you do all three of those things, you’re amazing. Say it with me; YOU…ARE…AMAZING.Seriously, you’re doing better than half the population.

Now, to further test those three habits, how long have you been practicing them? I say practice because they take effort, consistency, and evaluation. It’s one thing to practice the three habits for a week, it’s another to do it correctly for an entire year.

Tracking your food for a year will give you clear evidence of the quality and quantity of your food. Working out four to five times per week will vastly improve your fitness in all areas (especially with Friction CrossFit). Sleeping for seven hours every night will give you the energy to do those two other things! Imagine the difference an entire year could make; better yet, just do these things and find out.

Now, back to the difficult part. It’s difficult because of your mind, not your body. Anybody can do CrossFit (**waives hands frantically and points to our staff**), especially under the right coaching and program. But, your mind is a stubborn thing, it wants what you’ve always given it and can refuse change. Change is difficult for anyone, so don’t be too hard on yourself, we’ve all gone through it.

Fortunately, just like there are three easy habits to lose weight, there are three (thoughtful) steps to metaphorically lead the horse to water and make it drink it too. All three build upon each other, the next more important than the last.

One, create an alter ego. Sounds cool, right? Just like Superman, have something that flips the switch mentally to become a different person. The person you want to be! In Superman’s case, it’s his glasses to become civilian journalist Clark Kent.

Also, f-ing glasses?! We’re not blind, dude. We all know who you are. I digress.

This cool alter ego doesn’t have to have a different name, it can though, don’t be afraid to play around with it. Even star athletes have an alter ego they use to psych themselves up for a big game. Your alter ego will give you the mental freedom to do what you NEED to do; make a change and be your own hero of your story. All in all, you being your own hero will boost your confidence and give you the strength to make the change, as hokey as it might seem.

Once you have that alter ego, you can adopt the habits and characteristics of that hero. This is the second layer and involves change of personality and characteristics. Ask yourself this, “what does a person who weighs 50 pounds less than me do?” Most likely, the three big habits of tracking food, working out, and sleeping well. You have to become that person you want to be. If you don’t change any of your actions, nothing will change. The change of character and personality is the hardest part, but it’s for the better. This refusal of change is the villain, the hero’s challenge, Captain Ahab’s white whale. But, you’re a hero, you can do it, you will come out the other side victorious. Afterall, your health and wellness depend on it.

The final step is the easiest, leave yourself reminders. For me, it’s reminders on my phone. I set them for the times of day when I know I’ll see them pop up on my screen. The first couple months are going to be rough and you may have some setbacks, but having a reminder set to go off every day is one small step in the direction of positive change.

So, who are you going to become? How long can you practice daily food tracking, working out consistently, and getting quality sleep? We’d love to help you here at Friction CrossFit.


See you in the box,

Coach Mike


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