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5 mins PVC Stick game


Good morning

KB rows (light-moderate)

Scap pull up


200 meter run

1:00/side pigeon pose

1:00 childs pose

Strongman Style

12 min AMRAP

Sandbag carry from one end of rig and back, climb


2/side shoulder overs

**Walk to other end of rig**

Farmer carry from one end of rig and back, climb


4 Deadlifts w/ Farmer Carry weight
Score weight of sandbag and farmer carry added up (Ex. Farmer Carry @ 70# each hand, Sandbag @ 200#, score is 340#)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

20 min AMRAP

Partner style (split reps)


10 Tire flips

Run 400 meter

10 Pull-ups


Partner tire flip or tire lift

Run 200

Ring rows

Reps increase by 5 every round:

Example round two, reps will be 15, etc…

*Score total tire flips + Pull ups + run(equals 1 rep)


10/arm Bicep curls run rack (DB’s or KB’s)

1:00/ side forearm smash