The Strenuous Life Lived In A Garage

“Less and less focus was on training and competing, and more and more was on training clothes and instagram fame.”

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Does My Kid Need to Play A Sport?

After reading this, most would say, “Yes my child needs to play a sport. I want them to have all of this but the reality is that competitive sports are not for everyone.”

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Three Quarantine Tactics I’ve Learned (So Far)

“I’m sure a lot of people are angry about being stuck at home or laid off, but being angry won’t solve the issue because it’s out of our control. “

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Mobility 101: At Home

“…the lack of flexibility from overly tight muscles starts to play a factor in your power output and movement patterns. It also puts you at a higher risk for injury.”

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Life As a CrossFit Coach

“I think I could argue that when you choose to become a coach, in any setting, you don’t fully know what you’re getting yourself into.”

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Training At Home: The As of Late Shift

“Most coaches and owners make the jump to become a coach or open the affiliate because they have learned first hand the impact it has had on the quality of their own life and want to create a venue to share that gift with the ones they love and the people around them.”

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Resistance Training For Kids

“These strength gains significantly improve running, jumping, and throwing performance in children and adolescents. Therefore, they improve sport specific performance.”

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The Home Gym How To: Sans Equipment (Minimal)

“Transforming your space will transform your mindset. Remember, this is what you can control right now.”

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How To Tell Your Friends You Do CrossFit

When your friends ask what you do to look so dang good, what’s your “elevator pitch” to them?

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