How a Food Log Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Keeping a food log or journal is a great first step in taking control of your nutrition. It is as easy as carrying around a notebook or piece of paper and jotting down what you are eating each day.  Software and apps have made it even simpler to scan and track your...

Proper Mindset for Victory

First off, the mindset of Olympic weightlifting is a complicated one. There is a lot that goes into a proper mindset. Here’s a breakdown of what we should be striving towards. Find the silver lining in every session (here’s the millennial in me talking). Regardless of...

Developing and Testing Work Capacity

Developing and Testing Work Capacity Written by Bobby Armock In the CrossFit affiliate we have a series of tests of fitness organized into the weekly, monthly and annual program.  Benchmarks in the form of pure strength for maximal weight in single, triple and five...

Learning From the Open

“So as you end the open season and return to your regular fitness routine let’s reestablish some places to improve and think about some areas that were exposed. ” – Coach Bobby

Weightlifting Wednesday: The Shin and The Hip

“In the snatch, clean, and jerk, the shins matter because they dictate where the knees and hips can go as well as what position is quad dominant or hamstring/hip dominant. Surprise, surprise; our body is interconnected.” – Coach Mike