If you’ve been keeping up with this blog (hopefully) then you’ve seen our post about our mission and values as Friction CrossFit.

If not, here it is anyway; lifelong health and wellness through safety, integrity, and efficacy.

It’s one thing to say these values, but another to live by them daily. To live true to these is a task not to be taken lightly, because consistency in these actions not only builds habits within ourselves, but trust within our community.

Consistent safety in programming will keep athletes coming back for more, simply because they’re physically able to. Consistent atmosphere will keep athletes engaged, joyful, and motivated. Consistent, happy, coaching will build virtuous athletes.

I could go on and on.

Like I said, we don’t take this lightly. We develop our internal systems as a business, all staff as coaches, and the facility as a home. I don’t need to go into what our exact schedule is because it doesn’t matter. What matters to our athletes, is the hour given to you.

We know what our athletes need.

Isabel needs to know she’s safe to attempt a muscle up during a skill session because we’re spotting her and given her the correct drills to build her confidence. Linda needs to know that training through pregnancy is going to keep her strong, help her deliver a healthy baby, and allow her to bounce back to be a good mother and train again.

Randy needs to know that when he comes in for his intro that we’re going to guide his fitness journey in the right direction. If he’s not ready for group classes because he has no idea what a thruster or an EMOM is, we’re not going to throw him in the deep end and watch him tread (we’re swim coaches, not life guards). Contrarily, when JT comes into Friction CrossFit with 8 years experience and a high level of fitness, we’re not going to offer him a Level Up to teach him the basics of our CrossFit classes, he doesn’t need it nor will he trust our staff to believe that he has laid the groundwork for his own fitness.

Lastly, Grace needs to know that her programming and nutrition advice is sound, effective, and timely. She’s pursuing health and wellness, and we have the responsibility to make sure she achieves, and maintains, just that.

We put days into every week, dollars into certifications and courses, and effort into predictive incident training to surpass expectations of how good an hour group class can be. The consistency we all show within these walls with our respective task, whether it be training or leading, will grow our community. Cultivating the best experience for anyone who wants to better their life through fitness.

Athletes, members, trainers, and staff alike should all feel at home when they walk through the door. We come for the workout, we stay for the community.

Safety. Integrity. Efficacy.

See you in the box,

Coach Mike



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