When it comes to most barbell clubs, they tend to be small in number. The usual barbell club is sub 30 members; there are some outlier clubs out there with huge membership bases and some with sub 10 people.

I think I can speak for most coaches when I say that I love the atmosphere of the big classes and yet I enjoy the dynamic between an athlete and myself in a 1-on-1.

The main point here is the atmosphere is what we make it. Whether it’s a 1-on-1 or 20+ people sharing platforms, we make the atmosphere.

I mean that there is no magic volume of music to make a good lifting session. No crowd of people will make you lift better.

In my opinion, it is the training partners and the coach that make the environment so good.

The coach and partners have to be present and in the moment.

The training partners know the struggle against the bar and can relate to the struggle you’re in. They should be cheering for you, just as you need to cheer for them; this is a two way street.

As I coach, I’m giving to you what I know and have experienced in order to make you a better weightlifter, I expect a good amount of effort to be put in in return.

What it comes down to is being a good friend. What would you do for your best friend? You would support them with what the task at hand is, a producer.

CrossFit and weightlifting alike, we have such a tight bond with each other because we have shared the struggle of a WOD or lift together. Isn’t that what makes relationships so meaningful, shared suffering/experiences?

Weightlifters can thrive on this successful environment and soak it up, and not give back to it. They rely on others for motivation when they themselves give nothing to others, the consumer.

Atmosphere is what makes training sessions so fun and productive. Support and competition are what drives success.

Now ask yourself, are you a producer or consumer?

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