For athlete’s that have done CrossFit for 1-2 years or more, the hypothetical situation of building a garage or home gym comes to mind. Athlete’s tend to weigh the options of building their own gym versus continuing at their local box.

This blog is for the general CrossFit gym, not specifically for Friction CrossFit. Nor is the garage gym specific to anyone, a la Rich Froning’s garage gym. Have you seen that thing? It’s basically an affiliate.

We’ve compiled this comparison for your viewing, and we’ll leave it for you to do whatever you want.

Keep in mind there are great, and not so great, aspects associated with having a garage gym. The same goes for attending a local CrossFit gym. I can’t stress this enough, it is subjective and different for every person, as their needs vary. A pro may end up being a con for one athlete and vice versa for another athlete.

This comparison is NOT exhaustive, meaning that some aspects are missing, factors that matter to other athletes.

Let’s start with a garage gym.

Build a Garage Gym Pro’s:

  • Convenience, no travel
  • Train alone, privacy
  • Enjoy the challenge of programming for your self
  • Build out a cool garage gym
  • Extra training at home if can’t make it to the gym enough
  • Inclement weather prevents travel, gym at home
  • Positive investment in your self and health

Build a Garage Gym Con’s:

  • Distractions at home
  • Money invested, a lot upfront
  • Cleaning own equipment, maintaining own equipment
  • Programming for yourself requires experience with training, time to think and create program
  • Train alone, no one else to push you, friends can possibly come over but sparingly
  • Programming may avoid weaknesses in fitness
  • No long term guidance
  • No “in-person” feedback
  • Don’t meet new people

Again, these lists are subjective.

Let’s move on to the pro’s and con’s of attending a local box.

Continuing at Local Box Pro’s:

  • Guidance from certified, friendly, and professional coaches
  • Live feedback from coaches
  • Proper training atmosphere
  • Structured annual training program
  • 1-on-1 training available for personalized approach
  • Multitude of services: specialty clubs, nutrition, etc.
  • Reliable fitness tracking services
  • Annual competitions and events
  • Social dynamic of group classes: positive relationships, new friendships, gym Facebook group, box outings for fun
  • Professional, clean facility

Continuing at Local Box Con’s:

  • Price, it is more expensive because of the pro’s
  • Class schedule availability
  • Class size
  • Training program isn’t tailored specifically to you
  • Social dynamic can be daunting or not inviting
  • Pressure of performance from yourself or others; having other athletes work out with you and be competitive within a class

Whatever route you choose to take, it should be for the betterment of your health and wellness. It should also take into consideration your safety, the integrity of your facility and training program, and the efficacy of the training program created.

Sound familiar? Health and wellness through safety, integrity, and efficacy. That’s what we, at Friction CrossFit, live by.


See you in the box,

Coach Mike

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