I was sitting at my desk after school one day and I was unmotivated to go to the weight room, which was becoming a pattern.

I had strength trained for a couple years prior to having my son, continued through pregnancy, and then postpartum to drop the 50 lbs I had gained with him. It was becoming boring, and the accountability wasn’t there.

I needed to know that although my body had done this amazing thing by growing a tiny human, I could still be a strong and competitive athlete.

I needed a change.  

I had heard about CrossFit, but had never really looked much into it. So, I opened google and searched for the closes CrossFit gym to me and thought I would just send an inquiry. 45 minutes away, Friction CrossFit popped up on the map. I sent an email inquiry and the rest is history!

I started in April with a few beginner sessions, then I was thrown into the standard WOD mix, and eventually joined barbell club. In a few short months I was doing things I hadn’t done in 28 years (and I am 28 years old)… Handstands, snatches, cleans, split jerks, rowing, wall balls, the list goes on.

Not only had I been learning new things, trying new things, I met the most amazing people! Every single person at Friction was nothing but welcoming and encouraging, which I had never experienced in a gym.

The most important lesson(s) I have gotten from Friction CrossFit so far is that “Fitness is relative.”

It took me a few times hearing that before it really hit home, and instead of looking at myself as “the weakest and slowest in the group”, I am looking at myself as “I am better than I was yesterday, and I have made huge gains in the last few months.”

I can’t snatch 75 lbs yet, but I will one day. I can’t do consistent push-ups yet, but I will one day. I can’t do consistent double unders yet, but I am so close. I will keep working every day, setting small goals and crushing them, and keep doing it all with a smile!

Thank you to all of the coaches and athletes for helping me alter my mindset from fixed to GROWTH! I appreciate every encouraging word, every high five, and I love every single minute at the Friction box.

Author: Athlete, Kayla Green

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