Kool Aid

I will never forget the first time I tried CrossFit–I had seen these hulking, muscular individuals running about the city carrying barbells and fitness gadgets galore.

After stalking this particular gym for a few days, I decided that whatever sort of Kool-Aid they were drinking, I was parched for it. I drove up, strutted into the main gym, stuck my hand out to the owner and said “Hi, my name’s Minna, and I want to do whatever this is.”

I have loved CrossFit from that moment on.  It is truly the gift that keeps on giving, as I always find something to aspire to, learn from, or celebrate.  The physical strength is an obvious plus, but beyond that, I often find myself facing challenges in my personal life and saying “if I can survive Murph, I can handle this!”
However, it is not just the sport that holds a special place in my life.  I have done my fair share of box hopping in the last few years,
but no place has felt more like home than Friction.
No coaches have seemed to care as much, no community has had more heart, and no programming has granted me more results.  Unfortunately, none of that made burpees any less terrible, but at least at Friction when I am writhing on the floor, inches from death, I am brought back to life by all the fist bumps, high fives, and sweaty hugs from my FricFam.
When I took over a year off from CrossFit to settle into my new career in Social Work, I deeply missed the roots that I had put down at Friction.
Then, like some kind of chalk-dusted angel wearing a crown of wrist-wraps, Jeff Burlingame reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to return to the family.
And just like that, I was welcomed back with the same loving gusto I was initially greeted with all those years ago.  It was like coming back home.
I am forever thankful for everything CrossFit has given me, but I am even more grateful for all the tom-foolery, shennanigans, giggles, and gains that I experience with my FricFam.
Needless to say, I am extremely happy to be back.  I can’t wait to start adding more memories, more PRs, and more FricFriends to my life.

Author: Athlete, and Master of Friction’s Custodial Arts, Minna Woodward


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