The health and fitness industry is a very broad and uniquely diversified culture in the sense that every training style and gym brand has its own special culture and specific benefits to it.  At Friction CrossFit we are happy to have the opportunity to educate first time and veteran fitness enthusiast about the unique process and benefits CrossFit training provides.

Within the walls of a CrossFit gym newcomers are always surprised to find that the equipment seems very limited.  “It’s a wide open space!”  or “It’s an empty box.”  Earning CrossFit gyms, 15,000 around the world and growing, the nickname “the box.”  One of the unique characteristics of this training methodology is that we don’t use machines, our bodies are the machine and within the box we learn how to use them.

The movements you will find in each CrossFit class are characterized as functional movements.  This means that they mimic real life situations, actions and tasks; thus improving your strength or endurance in a given functional movement can have a real life impact on how you move outside of the gym making getting around or doing everyday tasks that much easier.  One common example is a movement called a “clean.”  This movement requires the individual to lift an object from the ground to the shoulder in one fluid and powerful action.  In the gym we use anything from a barbell, medicine ball, dumbbell or kettlebell; this allows us to progressively add weight as technique and strength improve.  For the benefit of everyday use a clean is the action required to pick up a bag of mulch and load it into your vehicle or a wheelbarrow.  If you’re doing CrossFit, it’s helping you improve your ability to get your landscaping done with more ease and safer mechanics!  We even like to think we help in keeping up with kids and grand kids as a clean would also be similar to picking a child up from the ground to your shoulder!   (We train cardio as well, so you’re able to run after them too!)  We consider CrossFit training fitness for life and our members couldn’t agree more as the best testimonials we receive are that everyday tasks are that much easier.

Lastly we consider our method of fitness to be quantifiable; meaning we can measure it, like making progress in the clean as mentioned above.  We want to see that you’re making improvements and progress, so do you!  Especially if we know that progress has meaning to the quality of your everyday life!  In the box we measure everything from bodyweight, muscle mass, how much weight you can move on a barbell to how many pushup you can do and much more!  This yields a broad spectrum of movements to make improvements upon for years and years; as well as giving you the ability to perform a multitude of movements that will serve you in any environment or situation- this we call capacity.  In the CrossFit model of aging we seek to improve this capacity at any age and sustain it for the remainder of life so as to best enjoy life in all its stages.

At Friction CrossFit we have programs that cater to kids, adults and seniors.  We personally meet with each individual in a “No Sweat Intro” and learn their fitness goals and what value it will bring to their life.  That makes our job all that more important to us because it is important to you!  We are excited to announce that we will be having a “CrossFit at Home Class” where you can learn more Functional Movements, meet the coaches, check out the “box” and learn simple exercises that will aid in keeping you healthier for a lifetime; without ever having to leave home to get a workout in! 

We have been proud partners of our friends over at Clear Connections Chiropractic because our vision matches so well with their vision of helping people “Live the D.R.E.A.M.”  Diet, Rest, Exercise, Alignment and Mental Health.  We have been happy to help with the Exercise and Diet department, and even Mental Health with stress relieving workouts and a great community for that extra accountability on tough days!  Sean and Krystal have been wonderful at helping keep us and our members in alignment and also share that belief that we should be doing this in every stage of our lives and we hope you join them for their “Lunch and Learn” where you can meet the Docs (they’re amazing!), learn about the benefits of chiropractic care and how Clear Connections can help you best “Live the D.R.E.A.M.!”