Brace yourself, Holidays are coming!

It’s October… Let that sink in for a minute. With the inevitable chilly weather ahead, and the falling leaves, we will also soon see Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas retail items spring up at our local stores.

It’s here. Like or not, the holidays are quickly closing in.

What is your game plan?

Are you going to “take a break” from your health and fitness goals for the season? Opting for a winter “bulking” season? Or are you going to stay strong and focus on your goals more than ever?

Holidays are hard, we get it. You are only human, and your friends and family may not share your same goals and focus. This makes it much more difficult to stick to your game plan. However, there is hope. Here are 5 tips to staying fit through the Holidays:


  1. Bring a dish AND a dish to pass


With the abundance of hearty and sugary foods during the Holidays, it can be hard to find healthy options to eat at gatherings.

Next time you go to a party or get together, bring a standard dish AND a dish for yourself that is healthy. This way you are participating and sharing goodies with others, but NOT forcing yourself off course.


  1. Reward yourself a little, but not OFTEN


Try having a single reward meal each week. Choose wisely because it’s only one. You can eat/drink whatever you want for this meal, BUT it’s not an eating competition. Still try to stay within your calorie and Macronutrient (40% Carbs, 30% Fat, 30% Protein) goals for the day.

This also means, that if you have 2 gatherings in a week, you can only reward yourself for one. See tip 1 for what to do at the others.


  1. Drink water between Adult Beverages


Alcohol is flowing freely at most holiday parties, however, that doesn’t mean that we should binge and fully derail our fitness goals. Try having lower glycemic/calorie drink options like clear liquors or tequila (weird for holidays but whatevs) and alternate drinking water with each drink.


  1. Join a group and fight the temptation together


Stay strong by forming a pack and facing the storm together. We work better with accountability partners. Take this holiday season on as a challenge. Form a Facebook group, or join an already strong one (aka Friction CrossFit) and lean on others for support. Hold each other accountable and give each other healthy tips to stay strong.




We hear it all the time “But my family will MAKE me eat bad…” No they won’t. You will probably take some ribbing and sarcastic comments, but who cares. If this is your family and your friends, in the long run, they should stand behind you, no matter WHAT. Fight the temptation, ignore the sarcasm, and do you. Nothing else matters. They will still love you if you don’t have seconds.


There are a thousand more tips out there to help, but these are the core ones to start with. We are here for you, if you need help, just ask or click the link below to meet up with a coach!


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