Are you stuck in an endless cycle of “perfect nutrition” weekdays and all-out binging weekends? Do you suffer on kale and chicken breast all week to be able to eat an entire large pizza and pitcher of beer on Saturday? Maybe it is time to create more balance in your eating habits.

If your attempts at “perfect nutrition” has left you feeling deprived, then of course you are going to gorge given the chance. You are creating a mindset of scarcity. Weekdays are the punishments, weekends are the rewards. You stay “good” for as long as possible so you can be as “bad” as possible that one meal, one day, one weekend or whatever.

But consider this. If you are suffering all week for a 300-400 daily calorie deficient (for a total of 2000 calorie deficit), then consume 2000 extra calories Saturday it ends up being a wash.  Why be miserable all week to get to your binge when it is just going to make you feel bloated and uncomfortable afterwards?

Think about what foods bring you joy. What do you truly enjoy eating? If it is chocolate, bread, cheese, whatever, consider making room in your daily nutrition goal to mindfully enjoy those foods.  When eating these joyful foods, practice quality over quantity. You don’t need to eat an entire pizza to enjoy carbs. If you intentionally leave room in your day for the occasional piece of whole wheat bread or piece of cheese or square of dark salted chocolate, you may not feel the urgency when the weekend rolls around to binge. Eat the food that brings you joy in a manner that brings you joy, even if it is a Tuesday. Savor it, focus on it, then move on before having too much of a good thing. Doesn’t that sound more enjoyable than stuffing yourself with as much “bad” greasy, heartburn inducing food just because it is your one and only day to not eat kale and chicken breast?

Am I saying you need to give up ever eating out again? Nope. Am I saying you should just give up on your diet and eat whatever feels good in that moment? Nope, not that either. I am saying happiness and health depend greatly on your ability to achieve balance.

Instead of trying to be perfect on a strict diet, consider thinking about nutrition in the framework of healthy habits. Here are some healthy habits that should be applied 7 days a week.

  • Eat the correct portions for your gender and body size
  • Eat adequate protein
  • Eat adequate carbohydrates around physical activity
  • Eat vegetables at ever meal
  • Eat a variety of foods so you don’t develop deficiencies or boredom
  • Eat food slowly without distractions
  • Stop putting food in either the “good” or “bad” category; instead consider how it makes you feel, perform, and how it helps you reach your goal.
  • Stop eating when you feel full, not when you are completely stuffed

Nutrition Coaching can help you achieve your goals!

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