Lifestyle balance is one of those topics and that everyone strives for. It is also one of those elusive little things that the harder we focus on it the more out of proportion it gets. We are excited to be discussing action steps with tips and tricks for lifestyle balance by living the DREAM over the next couple of months! It is a topic we love because we live it!

If you stop reading here then this is what I want you to get out of this article. Like the zoom on a camera the closer to get to the object you are looking at the less you see of the big picture. The same goes for your lifestyle balance. The more you focus on one aspect of your health the more it seems the other aspects slip. We loose focus of the big picture which is health freedom. This acronym will help you focus on the 5 different elements of health and wellbeing. We call it living the DREAM! It stands for Diet, Rest, Exercise, Alignment, state of Mind. Now we can use DREAM as the big picture and appropriately focus on each aspect of our health with balance and love and we will be able to achieve health freedom.

Like any good idea it is nothing unless we have a game plan. A vision from where we are starting to the first step and beyond. Here is the cool thing about health. There is no end to this journey! It is the most enjoyable, difficult, self appreciating and doubting journey there is and we are on this ride whether we like it or not.

I see too many people that suffer through there life captive by their health. They are prisoners and their health is like a ball and chain around their ankle that reminds them about their limitations every time they try and move forward.

When we focus on living the DREAM the journey is the process and health freedom is the goal. A place in your health where you can do what you want, when you want to do it and instead of your health being a ball and chain holding you back, its your wings helping you soar.

So how do we achieve balance with all of the limited amount of time in the day and the even more limited time for self care?? We sit down and set ourself some goals. These goals and going to be completely personalized to you and there are no right or wrong ways except not doing it at all. So here is where the rubber meets the road. We take each of the elements of DREAM and make a decision on how much we want to invest in each area.

We call it an investment because its like putting money into a personal health saving account toward health freedom. Time is one of the most important investment tools because unlike money there is only so much time in a day and its so easy to waste if your not on point.

this is how we are going to stay on task. We take out a calendar and a some black sheets of paper we create a mind map. This is a powerful tool that will help you execute your plan of attack! The best part is that it’s easy.

You start with writing Diet in the middle of a blank page and circle it. stemming off of Diet come some of your ambitions, for example no gluten, or a intermittent fasting. Under the ambition you write the benefit. This is the most important part because you are affirming why you are doing the action in the first place. Next under that you write your benchmarks of where you want to be in 15 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months and a 1 Year. Your time line depends on the ambition and how long you want to be working on it.

After you Compete your mind map for Diet we move to our Rest and so on. There is something very powerful about writing down your goals and I also like to use a website for mind mapping as well:

We do not have the time to dive into goal setting here but there is a system called the SMART criteria. Just look it up and apply the criteria to your mind map.

The thing is if we combine all of these elements together it will create an effect that will help boost all the other areas as well. Lets rewind back to a childhood favorite, captain Planet. Their powers were cool individually, however with their power combined, well you know the rest. The same goes with your health and if on a weekly basis we start systematically balancing our wellness routine only then we will achieve health freedom and enjoy this amazing journey we are on!

Over the next couple of months we are going to dive deep into one of the elements of DREAM and give you action steps to better health. Don’t forget how awesome you are and have a great day!!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Sean Medlin
Clear Connections Chiropractic