My CrossFit journey began at Ludington CrossFit in 2015. I had moved to town for work and didn’t know a single person in the area. I had heard about CrossFit but didn’t think about joining until it was the only well known fitness center option in Ludington, so I gave it a try to meet people.

Little did I know, I would be addicted 2 years and 3 boxes later.

Looking for Results:

I have been an athlete/played sports my entire life.

Upon graduating college I had tried may different fitness routines, and nothing was giving me the results I was hoping for.

I had always focused on strictly cardio and hated lifting weights and didn’t pay attention to nutrition.

I’d like to thank all of the awesome coaches and athletes for teaching me the proper techniques/lifestyle changes to improve my flexibility, strength, and health. The atmosphere at Friction is the perfect amount of competition, encouragement, and family that I crave. I plan to continue to incorporate CrossFit in my life for many years to come!

Author: Athlete, Michelle Butcher

Are You Ready for CrossFit?

Click Click Click. Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition!

3 Habits to Lose 50 Pounds

3 Habits to Lose 50 Pounds

…Close your computer browser, and get to work (or go to sleep). If you do all three of those things, you’re amazing. Say it with me; YOU…ARE…AMAZING.Seriously, you’re doing better than half the population.

Health and Fitness- The Big Picture

Health and Fitness- The Big Picture

The health and fitness industry is a very broad and uniquely diversified culture in the sense that every training style and gym brand has its own special culture and specific benefits to it.  At Friction CrossFit we are happy to have the opportunity to educate first...

Looking for a Community and Results

Learning From the Open

“So as you end the open season and return to your regular fitness routine let’s reestablish some places to improve and think about some areas that were exposed. ” – Coach Bobby