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Bright spot friday! #BSF


Dynamic 5:00

Yoga Flow 10:00

190813 (Time)

7 Rounds

20 ft. Lunge

*in as few steps as possible*

After your 20 ft. lunge, perform 5 seconds of an L Sit and 10 double unders for every step taken.

ex. 6 step lunge = 30 sec. L sit and 60 double unders.

cap 20:00

Single leg L Sit


Tuck sit

Single Unders


Doing a very long and controlled lunge will work your mobility for that movement pattern. Hence, we are bribing you with less L sit time and fewer double unders to work on your hip and leg mobility. Let todays workout still continue to be fast. Closer to a fire breather than a skill session!



per leg

1:00 front scale

1:00 back scale

* transition on the same leg from front to back scale