Full Circle


Years before I started CrossFit I worked out by myself, mainly lifting weights. My main goal was always to be thinner and if I got stronger along the way that was just an added bonus. My gym ended up closing, and for about a year I never found a new place to workout. During that time I gained 20lbs and lost most of my athletic ability.

I saw a Groupon for Friction in the summer of 2014… I wasn’t sure about the whole CrossFit thing but I figured for $20, couldn’t go wrong.

When I started CrossFit I couldn’t do ANY of the more advanced movements. Thrusters with just the bar felt heavy and toes to bar or pull ups were out of the question. Bobby was so patient with me, even though I was a slow learner.

A few months later I was hooked.

I loved that CrossFit was not  focused on how you looked, but rather on what you could do. A way healthier approach to fitness!

My story from Friction takes a turn when I left for grad school in Arkansas. Looking back I am so grateful I started at Friction and had about 6 months of the basics down.

The first thing I did when I moved to Jonesboro was find a CrossFit gym.

The people at that gym ended up becoming my best friends and that gym saved my sanity as I worked my way through a difficult program.  I did the same thing 18 months when I later moved to Memphis to finish my program.

So, full circle: summer of this year I found myself back at Friction and it’s great!

I love the programming and speciality classes, and finally getting some skills that I never though I would get! Even though I loved CrossFit Natural State and CrossFit 901, I can say that the coaching and programming at Friction has been by far the best.

I’m so happy to be back!

Author: Athlete, Deanna Speyers


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