Life Changer


In January, I will have been at Friction CrossFit for 2 years!  I have never felt better.   My daughter helped me find Friction and I began with PT sessions with Jeff.

I had never done CrossFit before and I was quite intimidated – there was so much to learn!

Almost 2 years later, I still feel like I have a lot to learn, but I am confident enough to go to a new box when I am traveling.  I love how I can scale movements to my abilities.  The coaches here are quite attentive and can zero in on what movement I need to do.  I appreciate all of their tips and comments.

We all have our own reasons for being here, and you can get as much out of a workout as you want.  I see other members pushing themselves so hard, and then when they reach a goal or PR that is just so inspiring.
Being at Friction has changed my life.
I feel more positive and am definitely stronger and healthier.  I have a lot of goals I want to reach and I recently have been doing PT with Mike to help me get there.  I have also met some wonderful people I would have not met otherwise.   I am very thankful for Friction, its coaches and members.
 Author: Candace Strong

Are You Ready for CrossFit?


Always wanted to try CrossFit but felt too intimidated?

Weightlifting Thursday: Shoulder Stability

Weightlifting Wednesday: Nutrition

“As far as nutrition goes for weightlifting, it doesn’t have to be different than the one we would prescribe for any CrossFitter: meats, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. ” – Coach Mike