“The Kickstart I Needed”


Hello hello everyone! My name is Amanda Bordner; I was born and raised in Hudsonville, and went to High School at Catholic Central. I graduated in 2010 from MSU (GO GREEN!)  with a Bachelors Degree in Food Industry Management, and moved right down to Atlanta after I accepted a job with Popeyes Chicken at their Corporate Offices. I had always been active in high school; I played volleyball for about 7 years (year round), but my activity level definitely slowed down in college, and my health dropped drastically after moving to Atlanta. Fried chicken is addictive, what can I say? Let’s be serious though, I just LOVE food. Tacos are my kryptonite.

When my pants stopped buttoning up, I KNEW I needed to make a change in my lifestyle.

I signed up the very next day for an outdoor boot camp hosted by a nearby CrossFit gym, and I was hooked! I ended up joining their CrossFit gym for about 2 years, and was officially addicted to working out, and just trying to better myself.

I moved to Chicago in 2013, and ended up BACK in Michigan after 11 short months, and have been settled in GR, living in the Caledonia area ever since! What can I say, I like to move around? Hah!

I live with my boyfriend, James, and we are hoping to move sometime next year after he finishes Lineman school. The adventure will be seeing where we end up!

One random, fun, tid bit about me is that I LOVE to read. If I’m on my phone I’m reading. ALL. THE. TIME. I usually always have a book or my Kindle with me as well. I actually get to read books early for authors as well and review them online. It’s a true addiction!

This boot camp has been a huge kick starter for me again as far as my health and fitness goes.

I had plateaued for a while, and was sick of feeling sorry for myself and lacking the confidence that I used to have.

This has been a great place for me to start and I am extremely excited to see where it takes me!

Author:Amanda Bordner

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