No More Sluggishness


I’ve spent a lot of my life being fairly active. In college I’d always be in the gym or doing something outside.

That all ended as soon as I graduated and became a workaholic.

I quickly took on characteristics of the the office life. I gained weight, ate terribly and felt tired and burnt out most of the time.

I was able to adjust my diet and drop the extra pounds, but still felt sluggish. I knew I didn’t have enough physical activity in my life. Shortly after that realization my roommate and I started looking into different options and we landed on CrossFit.

We looked at a few boxes and landed on Friction because it appeared to have the best gymnastics programming out of the others in town.

We signed up for a no sweat intro and have been with Friction for almost a year now.

After joining I started seeing results quickly. My brain fog and sluggishness are now a thing of the past and I’m more fit than ever. Joining Friction has brought a lot of positive things into my life and I’m grateful for finding it.


Author: Brandon Aube


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3 Habits to Lose 50 Pounds

3 Habits to Lose 50 Pounds

…Close your computer browser, and get to work (or go to sleep). If you do all three of those things, you’re amazing. Say it with me; YOU…ARE…AMAZING.Seriously, you’re doing better than half the population.

Health and Fitness- The Big Picture

Health and Fitness- The Big Picture

The health and fitness industry is a very broad and uniquely diversified culture in the sense that every training style and gym brand has its own special culture and specific benefits to it.  At Friction CrossFit we are happy to have the opportunity to educate first...

Learning From the Open

Learning From the Open

“So as you end the open season and return to your regular fitness routine let’s reestablish some places to improve and think about some areas that were exposed. ” – Coach Bobby