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The goal: to find the perfect most decadent cake to celebrate your lifelong promise to another person and yourself

Your outcome of personal training is your promise and commitment to yourself and your Personal Trainer as a guide. Sure, there are several cakes out there to taste-test. It will be a great experience to try them all, and sure, there are several CrossFit classes that will help mold you in to a better athlete, but….


What about You?


What about your specific goals?
What about increasing your flexibility to touch your toes?
Or increasing your mobility from a past injury?
What about losing 15 pounds?
Or gaining 15 pounds?
What about knowing what you should eat pre workout?
Or understanding what you should eat to enhance body tissue?
What about that pull up you are so close to getting?
Or that muscle up you’ve been working on, but you just can’t seem to get?


What about You?


Those recovering from an injury to professional athletes have and continue to work with a Personal Trainer to achieve individual goals and improve as an athlete to become more versatile and stronger. Your Personal Trainer spends one on one time with you according to your availability and goals. This may range from a few times a week to twice a month and may focus on short-term and long-term goals. Your Personal Trainer is there with you to customize steps for you to maintain your promise to yourself to attain your goals. This includes and is not limited to: accountability, nutrition consultations, breaking down steps for your specific body mechanics and tailoring your training to maximize your results.

So….introduce what your body has been naturally craving-make that promise to yourself-you have been working so diligently isn’t it about time you achieve your goals? You deserve it! Go ahead stop tasting the samples so you can celebrate a life changing experience with your dream wedding cake.


Authors: Jeff Burlingame and Leara Glinzak


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