First off, the mindset of Olympic weightlifting is a complicated one. There is a lot that goes into a proper mindset. Here’s a breakdown of what we should be striving towards.

Find the silver lining in every session (here’s the millennial in me talking). Regardless of what happened during the session, we need to see the effect of the training you just did. Olympic weightlifting technique is constructed brick by boring brick. One cannot attain perfect from over night, it has to be built over time and repetition.

This means that we attack our sessions. This also means that you’re not just participating, we need to be thinking through our lifts before we do them (one could say “visualize”).

If the coach tells you to attack a certain part of the lift technique wise, focus on that part!

I recently had a conversation with another athlete that when we get to a certain level of weightlifting where the lifts are physically automatic, we can further isolate a technical portion of the lift (think “high pull!” or “knees back!”).

If there is one word that could define our mentality, it would be “rent”. As exercisers, we should all have the rent mentality. Nothing is given, everything is earned, and you have to pay rent every day. Work needs to be every day if you want to see progress. If you put in half the effort, you will see half the results. Pay half of rent, you still have half of it left.

I’ll leave you with one simple quote, “the bars not gonna lift itself.”

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