Friction CrossFit is a CrossFit community that cares about you, your success, and your experience at our facility. But we also care about results! Check out a few of our member success stories below and see for yourself.
Christina E.

My fitness journey started after we had our first daughter (7.5) yrs ago. I fell in love because I was in the best shape I had ever been.

My motivation is being able to come to the box and be ME again.

I get to high five people, make friends and have fun whie working out. Encouraging others as tey push through a WOD, and hearing your name being called, when you’re giving it your all is probably the best noise.

Stephany L.

Before I joined Friction, I would rarely ever pick up a weight. Why? Simple. I didn’t know the benefits of weight lifting. With little to no results from what I was doing, I eventually decided to sign up for personal training at my local gym. My trainer showed me some weightlifting but hardly anything ‘free weight’, everything was always on a machine. I got bored quickly and after some convincing from my husband, I decided to try CrossFit. I had previously tried it once before and didn’t really like it that much. He assured me that the coaches and class sizes were WAY better than our previous experience. Boy, was he right!! I quickly went from a punch card membership (after I used up all 10 visits in less than 2 weeks) to an unlimited membership! I have only been doing CrossFit for about 5 months now and I have discovered a newfound love for lifting and always wanting to better myself in every aspect of my fitness level. And of course, the coaches and the other athletes make working out fun, instead of it feeling like a chore!

Jennifer P.

I started CrossFit less than a year ago. Since that point, I’ve gone from size 14 to size 6 pants and hop out of my bed right away in the morning. Prior to joining the box, I thought CrossFit was B.A. and only for those way more athletic than me. I was surprised to find New You almost too easy as we spent so much time going over the foundations.

Now I realize why a foundation is necessary and see that CrossFit really is for almost everyone. There’s a scale for everything which makes it possible for me.

It’s awesome to have a workout plan that challenges and fosters growth.

Amy W.

My journey though fitness has been just that…a journey. I’ve always had exercise as a part of my life but was never TrueType dedicated to it until about 5 years ago. I discovered distance running and it changed my life both physically and mentally. CrossFit has only enhanced this. The strength I have gained has helped my endurance and also showed me that I can do more! Friction CrossFit has an awesome community and coaches that have encouraged me to push myself.

P.S. Endurance WODs are the best!

Kaityln T.

I was initially extremely intimidated by CrossFit.

My fiance at the time, Darnell, signed us up for a class to try it out. I enjoyed the first class and decided to sign up for a membership because it was a challenge and really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Now after about a year and a half at Friction, I feel more comfortable and less intimidated but am still constantly challenged and learning something new which keeps me coming back!

Leara G.

When it comes to my physicality, CrossFit has challenged me to redefine the parameters I placed myself in. Personally, CrossFit has increased my daily resiliency, energy, patience and overall strength. I look forward to always learning every day and constantly enhance my health while building relationships with some of the most dedicated and AWESOME people around.


I started CrossFit with the New You challenge around April 17th of this year. After scheduling an interview with some hesitation, I met with Jeff and gave him all the reasons I would NOT be able to do this; arthritic joints, 100lbs overweight, sedentary lifestyle and I had never worked out. But, I had two reasons I could; I was ready for change and I knew if I put my mind to it, I would do it.

My goals were, and continue to be increased strength and mobility.

Weght loss for me is secondary and seems to be coming as a bonus to the process.

I’ll return for the sense of accomplishment, because I finally found my tricep and I WILL make that jump rope my bitch!! 🙂 And I’ll look forward to the time sweating with my #fricfam, to cheering you on in your journey and to being inspired by you all every day!

Sarah D.

Since starting CrossFit I’ve seen a significant increase in my overall strength. What amazed me the most was how quickly I became stronger and surpassed some of my max efforts on certain lifts that in the past took me seemingly “forever” to build up to. I’ve also noticed that I’m faster and stronger in my triathlon disciplines; specifically swimming and biking, without having to train them each 3-5x per week like I’ve done in the past- which is fantastic!

Sean E.

Training with Bobby and Jeff at Friction CrossFit for 7 months has got me into the best shape of my life. If you give them a couple months I guarantee they will whip you into shape! They are patient and encouraging to beginners, but structured for athletes of all levels to succeed. Besides the killer WOD’s, these guys can help you recover fast from injuries, get you eating correctly, and overall become stronger and healthier. Joining Friction is easily one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time!

Angela S.

I started attending Friction to try something new after a friend recommended this place. I have never been the athletic type that could learn movements easily and Grace is NOT my middle name. I will admit I was a little unsure about doing a workout with other people around when I was sure I would be older then most of the other members. If any of these concerns are yours…. See you at the next class! Seriously!! You could not find a more supportive group of people. The trainers Bobby, Jeff, and Mike are encouraging while insisting on safety first. Everything done here can be scaled (adjusted to fit the person) until they are strong enough to do without the modification. You will get stronger. You will get healthier. You will get encouraged and yes, even a little more graceful. You might just be surprised how much fun you can actually have during a workout, I know I was.

Madison L.

My first impression of CrossFit back in college was that it was only for the “strong guys”, and the main goal was to lift as much weight as you could.

The first box experience I had was not pleasant, but since coming to Friction I have realized that CrossFit is about empowering yourself and improving yourself and your physical fitness one day at a time. It’s great to have a community of people who wants you to succeed no matter what level of fitness you are at.

It makes you want to be better and be the best athlete that you can be. It really shows you that nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to work for it.

Katie V.

The Friction community is amazing, I love how everyone supports one another, and everyone has their own strengths that can inspire each other! We sometimes need others to look to for motivation and inspiration to push harder and achieve our goals (and beyond). The community at Friction breeds this mentality. Even if we fail and are hard on ourselves, the Friction family and the coaches keep pushing us all little by little to reach our goals (big or small), and then one day we “nail it” with the perfect form, the perfect rhythm, a PR! They are there for a pat on the back for our victories or lend a helping hand when we fail! I’ve made so many gains in the past 6 months since I have joined Friction. I am doing movements in both strength and gymnastics I never thought I’d get this soon! I set aside my struggles & frustrations I had before, and looked beyond my fears, and with the help from my coaches & my teammates I have powered through them! I have new goals and new records I want to reach, and being a part of Friction CrossFit I am now confident I can get there!

Tracey L.

I’ve always heard about CrossFit, but never in a million years did I think I would feel comfortable enough doing it.

From my first day at Friction, I knew I was going to love it. Every day I was being challenged to do things I never thought was possible. I’ve had so many accomplishments thus far, but what I am most proud of is having the confidence to do my first competition and placing second. To all of the New You ladies, I highly reccommend doing it! I can promise you, it is by far the greatest feeling to see how far you can really push yourself.

I am so thankful for the great community Friction has, as well as the amazing coaches who motivate and encourage me every day.

Corey P.

Since I was 14, I’ve dealt with countless injuries that made me believe I could never do anything normal again. I’ve had 3 surgeries on my elbow after a terrible accident that required a complete reconstruction of my elbow and upper arm. After being released from the hospital I thought I would never play hockey again. After a few months of physical therapy, I came to the realization that I was never going to let an injury prevent me from doing what I loved, no matter what. I was originally told I could skate after 2 years of PT, but after 6 months of dedication and commitment to healing myself, I was back on the ice. A few years later I injured myself while weight training ending up with a spinal condition known as Spondylolisthesis. Again I was not going to let this injury get in my way or hold me down. After 8 years of various physical therapy sessions and injections, I opted to finally have a spinal fusion. After the lengthy recovery from the surgery I decided to get back into the gym, and I made sure       that I was always playing it smart.

Knowing what your body is capable of is truly amazing, but understanding what to do when your body is in stress is much more important. Knowing your limits is one of the MOST crucial parts of doing CrossFit with an existing injury. The strongest tool you have in your arsenal is your mind. The sooner you realize your limits, especially with injuries, the easier the workouts will be. 

Emily S.

There really is such thing as a CrossFit family.

At Friction I find support to push myself to become better – to add an extra 10lbs to a lift I don’t think I can hit, to make more space for me and be good to myself, and even push me to step outside my comfort zone and take a new job in a city where I know almost no one.

The other side of fear is a faentastic place to be

I can’t remember the number of times in the past few months I’ve told a coach that I’m too afraid to do something – jumping bar muscle ups, forward rolls, headstands, skin-the-cat progressions. It wasn’t my abilities keeping me from doing these skills; it was my head. In each case, members of my FricFam helped me face the fear of pain, discomfort – and breaking my neck! – to push through. And there’s noting like the feeling of looking back, knowing you faced your fear and won.

Takieta B.

I started CrossFit at Friction CrossFit in mid-June of 2015. When I first started I had a hard time performing most of the moves, yet they were challenging and fun at the same time. I had to scale every WOD and my form was very bad. Here I am 3 months in, I’ve noticed significant increase in my strength and endurance. I’m RX’ing WODS and have met a few PR goals. Unwanted inches are starting to melt away and I can see muscle tone.

The community here is supportive and FUN. Coach Bobby, Jeff, and Mike are amazing. They have so much patience. They explain the workouts well and guide you to make sure each movement is performed properly and with good form. I want give special thanks to Coach Bobby for pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I still struggle with some of the moves and have a lot of work to do. But my overall experience has been great!


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