Test That Turned Into Passion


I started at Friction CrossFit last March with the New You program. I had been working out at another facility and was getting bored with my routine. I was finding myself skipping class and needed a change. I had never done CrossFit before so to say I was a bit intimidated in an understatement.

From the first day, I was amazed at what we were doing; what I was doing!

I thought I was in shape, after all I was going to the gym five days a week taking class after class. Regardless, this CrossFit stuff was pushing me harder and challenging me to do things that I never thought I could do. I kept coming back.

I loved the variety and I loved the challenge. While each visit got better, it was the encouragement and camaraderie and coaching that got me hooked. Every day is a different challenge, but every time I leave I am made to feel great about what I have achieved and I look forward to coming back. What started as a test has grown into a passion.

I am happy to have found CrossFit and even happier to have found Friction.

Author: Kate McDougall


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Learning From the Open

Learning From the Open

“So as you end the open season and return to your regular fitness routine let’s reestablish some places to improve and think about some areas that were exposed. ” – Coach Bobby