The reason I do CrossFit is simple. However, what drove me bobby crossfitto do CrossFit is not what keeps me doing CrossFit.

I found myself drawn to crossfit because it utilized so many different elements of fitness I was already familiar with so it seemed like a natural transition, not to mentioned the intensity of it all.

The measurement of success was based off of work capacity, which totally fits my personality.

What keeps me doing CrossFit, is that the demanding nature of the workouts require not just that you workout, but that you adjust your lifestyle to be healthier. It also requires that you sleep well, eat well and hydrate well to perform better and get results.

[CrossFit] is not just a bullshit program that gets you moving, its straight forward honest work that requires you to step up elsewhere to get what you want.

I have literally seen it make people into better human beings. That’s why I do CrossFit.

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Weightlifting Thursday: Shoulder Stability

Weightlifting Wednesday: Nutrition

“As far as nutrition goes for weightlifting, it doesn’t have to be different than the one we would prescribe for any CrossFitter: meats, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. ” – Coach Mike

Weightlifting Thursday: Shoulder Stability

Weightlifting Thursday: Gear

“Ideally, with this equipment we are using it once we get close to a competition or scheduled max out in order for us to get used to that gear and what it does to our body. We are trying to peak at the right time with our strength and have all aspects dialed in. ” -Coach Mike