Weekend Warriors:

Friction Athletes took their skills to the battleground at the Warrior Dash where they realized how much CrossFit was able to help them complete the obstacles along with the bond they had among each other to help and support one another work through challenges.

Athlete, Lindsey:

A little over a mile into the race was one of the first more difficult obstacles we had to finish and I remember climbing over it and saying, “Thank goodness we do CrossFit!”

Although running is not my strong suit by any means, completing each obstacle actually felt easy and I was confident I could finish each because of CrossFit.

I also wouldn’t have been able to finish without the group of warriors I ran with. We encouraged each other constantly throughout the race. That sense of community behind me is such a key part in pushing me beyond my limits!

Athlete, Kelsey:

While the Warrior Dash offered wet and muddy challenges Athlete, Kelsey had another challenge on her mind as she was recovering from being sick for weeks. Even despite all of that she still described the race as “fun.”

Due to not being able to breath easily on running from not feeling 100% she explains:

It was a good chance to tackle some obstacles that you don’t see every day and get dirty with other Friction members!

Athlete, Tracey:

Tracey decided to join her Fricfam to tackle her first Warrior Dash and she explained all the mix feelings that went through her-

I was extremely excited but also a bit nervous. I wasn’t worried so much about the running as I was the obstacles. I never thought I was afraid of heights until encountering the first few obstacles. I must say having my CrossFit background and Friction community with me, I felt confident enough to tackle each obstacle that came my way.

Before CrossFit, I didn’t have much upper body strength. One of the obstacles involved climbing a rope and then turning around to climb a ladder down. As I go to the top a girl was stuck and too scared to comb down. As I stood there holding the rope, I thought to myself,

I’m glad I CrossFit and have enough upper body strength to hold myself right now.

Thank you to Friction for giving me the upper body strength and endurance to complete my first Warrior Dash! Shoutout to my Fricfam that completed the course with me!

Athlete, Adam:

Every Athlete in the group brought different strengths and even after doing races there is still something different when adding various challenges within a race Athlete, Adam explains:

I really enjoyed the Warrior Dash. I periodically run 5k/10k races but this was nothing like the usual!

The obstacles break up the distance and makes it really fun. I think CrossFit definitely made some of the obstacles easier too, especially the ones that required upper body strength such as the rope climb and climbing up onto the raft our of the water. It was blast doing the Dash with Friction squad!

It was seriously motivating to kick it up a notch to try the 10-12 mile Tough Mudder next year!

Authors: Athletes, Lindsey Swarthout, Kelsey Ewald, Tracey Lynch and Adam Capron

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