Making a Comeback 

Taryn on the left working on Deadlifts for a stronger posterior chain

My background in athletics
I dabbled in softball and volleyball, but predominately competitive cheerleading. I’ve cheered throughout middle school, high school and then I was able join Davenport University’s sideline and competitive team 2010-2012.
Competitive cheerleading requires full body strength, gymnastic skills, mental toughness and tight knit teamwork to keep pushing for perfect performances…
Much of these requirements mirroring what you need in CrossFit to be successful.
I struggled for years to find something that kept me interested as well as “in shape” after I was out of cheerleading…
And getting older and lazier meant I had ZERO metabolism and was gaining weight even though my eating habits were relatively “healthy”.
As a type 1 diabetic it’s important for me to keep moving and exercised because just the nature of the disease allows for easy weight gain. I’ve always been self conscious for being built larger anyway, I didn’t and don’t need the extra weight to add to my short stature haha!
I tried everything from 24 hour gyms to community classes to running programs to at home “beach body” workouts…
nothing stuck,
nothing kept me accountable
and nothing kept my interest for very long.
I Met CrossFit
It was March of last year that I saw the 6 week challenge advertised on Facebook at Friction, and I thought, heck why not try something else out for size…
But i was extremely intimidated by CrossFit because all I heard about it was it was tough and it’s just “a box with a bunch of Meatheads”.
I met with Jeff and talked about my background and from everything he was telling me, he made me feel comfortable in starting right away without doing the challenge but with just a few one-on-one form training and then being thrown into the regular classes. I had no idea what I was in for… But something about the pain that “hurts so good” that kept me coming back.
What I loved most about Friction and CrossFit more than anything was:
the programming
and the community that kept and keeps me accountable.
Weight loss 
Shortly after buying the membership I convinced my husband this was the way to go because we literally didn’t have to plan anything aside from when to show up to a class and do what the coaches say.
Jake and I worked out 2-3days a week and joined the Paleo challenge and between the two of us we lost a good 30 pounds combined.
We were blown away and we never felt better!
It wasn’t but a few months into our awesome routine that we found out we were pregnant with our first and that led to more complications than expected….which led to my 5+ month Friction hiatus…
I was bummed but I totally appreciated that I was still kept in contact by those at the box, again speaking character of all the wonderful people in the Friction community.
Making a Comeback: Gaining and Re-Losing Weight
When coming back from having Finn I had officially gained 60+ pounds from start to finish in 9 months.
After being cleared by the doctors to finally start working out again…I was pumped to see the weight fall off again.
3 weeks of hitting some WODs I had already pulled off 20ish pounds.
With the help of the rowing course, I’m still a work in progress and I have 20 pounds yet to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, but I’m confident that continuing with CrossFit will get me there. I’m looking forward to continuing making goals, crushing workouts, and knowing that I can as well be considered a “CrossFit meathead”…and man, I am proud!
Author: Athlete, Taryn Williams
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