Stretching, after a warm up and before our lifts, is extremely important in weightlifting.

It is beneficial after a warmup because we can make changes to our muscles to put us in a better positions. Better mobility in the positions of the squat and overhead leads to safer and improved technique; and improved technique leads to heavier lifts.

A mobility series we do at Victory Kid Barbell, but not often enough, is our version of the world’s greatest stretch.

Pictured below is the sequence we would follow when we work with our version of the world’s greatest stretch AND my favorite bonus mobilizations to help with the hips and the overhead position:


 The lizard pose. Great for the hip flexors of the back leg and high hamstring of the forward leg. (knee off ground)

 Lizard pose with knee on ground.

 Lizard pose twisting towards forward knee, obliques included along with a bigger hip flexor stretch on the back leg.

Lizard pose twisting away from forward knee, more adductors and groin involved.

Pigeon pose, great for external rotators and glute of forward leg during hip flexion.

Frog stretch, great for adductors allowing a more upright squat.

Couch stretch, hip flexor and quadriceps.

Double overhead shoulder flexion, good for upper back, shoulders, and lats.

Kneeling banded bully, good for internal rotation of the shoulder during the high pull/pull under of the lift.

Barbell ankle dorsiflexion, flexible ankles are needed for an upright squat.



Try these mobilizations in your next training session before you lift and after you warmup! As always, give us a like and a review on Facebook and follow along with our blog.

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