Whether it’s a snatch or jerk, overhead stability is important. Makes sense, right?

My favorite exercises for overhead stability are listed below with points of performance.

  1. Y-raises. These are done very light. The scapular exercises don’t need to be heavy as these muscles are small in nature.
    • Assume bent over row position
    • Hold either 2.5# or 5# in each hand, let arms hang down the midline of the body loosely
    • Shoulders internally rotated
    • With straight arms, retract scapula, raise arms (flexion in the shoulder joint) and finish at an overhead position while still in bent over row position
    • Do 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps
  2. External Rotation into Press
    • Assume prone lying position on a bench
    • Hold 2.5# or 5# in each hand
    • Keeping the shoulder and elbow at 90 degrees with the fingers facing the ground, externally rotate the shoulder so that your thumb is now facing your ear
    • Extend the elbow into and overhead position like a strict press
    • Do 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps
  3. Overhead Earthquake Bar Walk. This is done with a barbell with resistance bands looped through kettlebells/plates looped onto the collars.
    • Choose a safe method of getting the bar overhead with a snatch grip
    • With a tight midline, walk 30-60 feet
    • Do 5-6 sets.

I personally love Earthquake Bar style lifts for any pressing or overhead movements. My shoulders feel healthier and stronger after doing these. If you’ve never done this before, give it a shot! The bands looped through weights onto the collar will create a very shaky instability. Of course, consider safety first and stay light at first.

Give all of these exercises a shot and feel the benefits of stronger and more stable shoulders. As always, give us a review and a like on Facebook. Feel free to come in and get started with Victory Kid Barbell and see how olympic weightlifting can help you!

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Weightlifting Thursday: Shoulder Stability

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Weightlifting Thursday: Shoulder Stability

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Meet A Member Monday: Jon Soler

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