There are 5 weightlifters that a Victory Kid athlete should know. These weightlifters are in no particular order and they are chosen for differences in technique as well as accessibility on the internet.

A good combination of learning comes from watching weightlifters who lift well (they need a strong social media presence and a lot of content on YouTube) and studying the resources that are in good standing with the sport (think USAW and some CrossFit Specialty Courses).

In no particular order:

  1. Clarence Kennedy.

2. Pyrros Dimas

3. Lu Xiaojun

4. Mattie Rogers

5. Colin Burns

These are the weightlifters I have learned from over the few years that I have been coaching and weightlifting. They have been incredibly influential not only by their technique, but their dedication and passion for the sport of weightlifting.

I encourage you to look into these athletes yourself to see how lifts most like you and how their prowess can benefit you.

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Photos from: BarBend, Pinterest, Ma Strength, Her Campus, Virus.

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