This article is for those athletes who are just starting olympic weightlifting or contemplating on starting.

The athletes who don’t regularly olympic lift, may be missing out on things, whether they know it or not.

Let me put this out here before we get too far, the snatch and clean & jerk are not dangerous lifts when done under supervision. The only time they are, is when an athlete is not well versed in the lifts and are doing them without supervision in super close quarters.

Now that that’s out of the way. Here are the 5 major benefits of olympic weightlifting.

  1. Flexibility
    • The positions of these lifts require joints to be mobile enough to get into a deep squat. Also, with the bar overhead or on the shoulder. The shoulders, hips, and ankles have to be flexible/mobile enough. Having mobility in these joints is a great thing.
  2. Coordination
    • Multiple body parts are working simultaneously in order to get the bar off the ground onto the shoulder or overhead. If done in the incorrect order, the lift may not be successful or feel good…at all.
    • The snatch is one of the most complex movements in terms of kinesthetic awareness and total body coordination. Take the time to learn this, and you’ll feel the benefits in every day training and life.
  3. Muscle Gain
    • Through progressive overload (being able to lift heavier) with time and effort put in, muscle will be put on. We can use accessory movements for hypertrophy (muscle gain) and the competition lifts to gain total body strength.
  4. Better Posture
    • Since weightlifting requires a good amount of back strength in order to maintain position throughout the lift, the back muscles are used extensively. Mainly, the lats, traps, and lower back. All of these major muscle groups will facilitate an upright posture with the shoulders retracted and back straight.
  5. Carryover Into Other Sports
    • Sports are explosive in nature. The explosiveness developed in olympic weightlifting can benefit any athlete in any sport. The athletes we have here at Victory Kid Barbell do mostly CrossFit and weightlifting exclusively, however lifting the way we do allows them to play sports outside of here if they wanted to. As an example, Cal Strength works with college football players before the NFL draft in order to make them more explosive to allow them to have a good showing at the combine. College football players are some of the most explosive athletes in any sport, hang cleaning upwards of 400 lbs. So, it works.

If you’re hesitating on starting weightlifting, just start; it’s complicated at first, but the benefits are undeniable. Give Victory Kid Barbell an honest review and a like on Facebook. Feel free to come in and get started.


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Meet A Member Monday: Jon Soler

Meet A Member Monday: Jon Soler

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