One of our main lifts on Strength Saturday’s is either a squat or a pull. The main focus: legs.

A favorite of mine for a variation of pulls is picture above. Our athlete Jes is standing on plates about 3″. The height of the plates will vary depending on the height of the athlete but play around with what works best for them.

Mobility will dictate the start position too. Check out my mobility blog on how to get a better start position.

The purpose behind this variation of the pull is to force leg drive. Points of performance we look for  are:

  • Chest up
  • Tension in the back
  • Shoulders slightly internally rotated
  • Knuckles facing the ground (hook grip…)
  • Hips DOWN. This is the biggest part, we want the hips down to enforce leg drive throughout the lifting of the bar. If the hips are high, it turns into a deadlift, we want a PULL.
  • Tension in quads
  • Eyes forward

The biggest thing we look at is hips down. The start should be very much like a squat. When lifting towards the knees, the athlete should be driving the knees back and out, get them out of the way. This knee motion will keep the hips forward and therefore the chest up, just like an air/back/front squat.The first pull is just like coming out of the hole in a squat.

If an athlete is starting their snatch or clean with their hips higher than desired, try this lift and see how it can help them.

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