Max Out WeekI’m back after a week off from posting. I know you didn’t miss me too much.

Last week was max out week, for everyone. CrossFit and Victory Kid both had max outs all week. PR’s were set every day and it was a hell of week.

First off, I am incredibly proud of every member of this gym who came in this week, PR or not. For anyone who has been in the lifting game for any period of time can understand that a scheduled max out can be stressful thing.

“Have I put in the work to hit a bigger lift?” “Did I eat enough today?” “What happens if I don’t PR?” I think the exact same thoughts.

There are one of three things that can happen during a scheduled max out day. One, you’ve put in the work and have prepared adequately. This was your day to show the world what you’ve got (don’t forget to post it on Instagram/Facebook/etc.). Two, the worlds and the stars aligned, and somehow you PR’d even though you felt like garbage. And three, you didn’t PR. Come what may, whatever happens, happens.

There are also many factors that contribute into any of those three circumstances: you had a really tough week, you didn’t have time to eat enough because work was stressful, you didn’t sleep enough, the list goes on.

Either way, you still showed up to put in the work. It’s a different story if you willingly chose not to participate, then we really need to talk.

The PR’s that are set matter because they reassure you that the hard work has paid off. That’s a good feeling to have, hard work paying off. They also give you confidence to come back, the confidence to start the process over, re-establish your baseline and set your sights on a new objective. That’s why we, as Friction CrossFit, have SMART Goal sessions, to make sure you have your eyes set on something, whatever it may be. This gives you direction. You need to have both motivation and purpose to reach said goals. For example, my purpose is to be the strongest and healthiest version of myself. I’m not willing to sacrifice my overall health to reach  a certain strength number (eating countless amounts of Big Macs to squat 600lbs, not worth it). My motivation is to chip away to a certain snatch, clean & jerk, or Helen time (I won’t bore you with my number goals). Take some time to find what those are for you.

The PR’s set don’t matter because it is not a reflection of your self worth. It’s going to get a little philosophical here, hold on. You should not base your self worth on what you can deadlift or back squat. I’ve struggled with this myself, no matter how hard we try, we will never have the best numbers in the world. There will always be someone better than you. As demotivating as this all sounds, it’s not all bad. Like I said earlier, take some time to evaluate what your purpose and motivation is. If you’re like me, then it’s all about running your own race and becoming a little bit better of a human being every day.

You know what, that’s your homework within the next week. Write down your motivation and overall purpose somewhere. Remember, weightlifting is our outlet to reveal our character, not build it. I can’t emphasize how (it’s getting touchy feely) proud I am of all of you. I can’t thank you enough for joining Victory Kid Barbell and helping us succeed.

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