Want better snatches and jerks? How about better shoulder mobility and stability?

Do the Turkish Get Up (TGU).

The picture above shows the different shoulder positions involved in the TGU. Being strong in each of these positions will allow for more shoulder stability in the overhead position as well as overall shoulder health and strength.

The torso will natural get stronger as well; both core stability and strength are needed to keep the torso still in order to keep the shoulder stable.

As with any exercise, there are different ways to approach the TGU:

  • High rep, low weight
  • Low rep, high weight
  • Tempo with light weight (think pauses in certain positions)

Which variation of the above should we do as athletes?

All of them.

I’ve stated before that CrossFit and weightlifting are similar in nature, both should have a exercises that vary rep schemes and intensities.

The picture is a great example of how to do the TGU. One point of performance that it doesn’t show very well is keeping your eyes on your thumb, this will give you a good point of reference while moving. Also, getting up is only half the battle, you must go back down too, in the reverse order.

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photo credit: Men’s Journal

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Weightlifting Wednesday : The Turkish Get Up

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Meet A Member Monday: Jon Soler

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