If you are a skeptic about diets and meal plans, join the club. When I heard about Paleo years ago, I laughed… just meat and veggies? Impossible… But I initially laughed off CrossFit as well, and then I opened a CrossFit Box LOL. So when we kicked off the 6 week New You Challenge, I decided to join the women in doing the Paleo Challenge.

At first, it was extremely difficult, and I have done Whole 30, so that is saying something. I was tired, grumpy (er than normal), and felt weak. However, about a week in I started to notice results. For one, I had lost over 10 lbs! Second, I was feeling and looking leaner, and best of all I was feeling much stronger.

The absence of shitty western diet food and alcohol had worked wonders on my body. 5 weeks later, I wound up 15 lbs down with noticeable changes all over. I felt good, and my strength and energy in the gym were up.

This plan is not for everyone, but it can work for anyone. It is easier to implement than most people think and totally worth it. I recommend it to everyone


Here are several main reasons:

  • You will lose weight and body fat
  • You will develop new, healthier lifestyle habits
  • You will love the way you look
  • You will be stronger
  • You will have more energy
  • You will have healthier joints
  • You will recover faster
  • You will have a stronger Libido “wink wink nudge nudge”
  • You won’t want to go back to your “normal diet” because it won’t be worth it

After the 6 weeks, I faltered for 2 weeks and had a long vacation. On this vacation I consumed ALL the gluten and ALL the beer and alcohol I could find (apparently that is not Paleo). Upon returning home, my wife and I discovered that we felt like complete and utter shit… Our energy was gone, we were irritable, there was noticeable bloat, our digestive system was a wreck and we just wanted to get back on the plan. So we did!

Once you go Paleo you don’t go back I guess. But again, for health and longevity this is hands down the way to go. Take this big step today and give it a shot for 6 weeks. Even if you “Cheat/reward” yourself 1 meal per week it is sustainable.

Author: Jeff Burlingame

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