When it comes to warm ups, they should be begin with simple movements and progress to a more complex movement style.

Here at Victory Kid Barbell we use the Catalyst Athletics Warmup developed by Greg Everett.

Greg is the owner and coach of Catalyst Athletics and works with weightlifters such as Jessica Lucero and CrossFitters such as Cody Anderson and Christian Lucero, a couple of top contenders. Greg also has an extensive library of articles that have been extremely helpful to myself and other weightlifting coaches. Weightliting Life is a podcast he conducts and broadcasts a wealth of knowledge on weightlifting, which has also been helpful to me and is entertaining, Greg has a very subtle sense of sarcasm and humor.

The Catalyst Warmup is used for a total body warm up. It works because all joints are utilized and taken through their range of motion. A full range of motion is crucial for weightlifting because it is a sport that requires flexibility, mobility, and stability. Without a full range of motion, we can’t have all three.

It’s also easy to remember. Our athletes have been using this for over 30 weeks now and have it memorized. This is helpful to me as a coach because I can watch and talk to my athletes to see how they are feeling or moving that day and therefore make adjustments to their programming for the day.

If some athletes are feeling stiff or cold, which is usually all the time during Michigan winters, squats and burpees will follow to help promote a higher heart rate and increase blood flow.

After the Catalyst Warmup and body weight work, PVC work is done afterwards for the specific lifts the athletes are performing that day. A general routine that has worked for us is:

  • 10 Good Mornings
  • 10 Front Squat/Overhead Squat (depending on the day)
  • 10 Pass Through
  • 5 sets of 3-position Clean & Jerk/Snatch (again depending on the day)

If you have never done or heard of the Catalyst Warmup, try it, it’s worth the 5-8 minutes of time. It works.

If you want to try the Catalyst Warmup in person, come try out Victory Kid Barbell Club. If you have, give us a review and a like on Facebook.

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